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[Community Event] Newhaven Fair - Sunday 27th Nov 2pm CDT/9pm CEST


Stormhaven Studios
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Traders and Crafters!
Join our first Newhaven Fair to share your goods with the good people of Newhaven!
Looking for some quality wood to craft bows and arrows or linen to wave into rich fabrics? Fine wines and delicacies to celebrate your victories with a feast? Potion and torches to venture into the Veins? Whatever you are seeking,you will find it in the Newhaven Fair. All crafters and traders from this side of the world are gathering to showcase their goods and talents, sell their services, or seek for rare and exotic wares!

What: A Trade Fair and a social event. You are welcome to Roleplay
When: Sunday 16th of Oct starting at 1pm CDT - 8pm CEST
Where: In the crafting area of Newhaven (instance will be shared in the Global channel if needed)

In Embers Adrift, we may not have an auction house, but we have a TRADE FAIR! If you have anything to trade, want to purchase crafting materials, offer your services or exchange reagents, join the fair to trade with other players!
Alpha and Beta testers, consider to warmly welcome all the new players with some goodies to show them how nice and helpful the community is in Embers Adrift.
It will also be the occasion to gather and get to know each other.

Hope to see a lot of you joining our first trade fair

  • Elloa
Hey everyone!

A little late, but here are some screenshots from last week and first social event NEWHAVEN's TRADE FAIR

From my point of view, the event was a success. We gathered a few people that were trading, announcing their goods in say and yell or on the Trade chat. We had some giveaway and players crafting for each others. I added a little Roleplay Touch for fun, and yelled the announce of traders market place style. A few traders did followed my example.
To all of you who joined that TRADE FAIR, thank you very much!

Tell me if you enjoyed this event and if you think I should organise more of those?


And to end this little recap, a few CLIPS for my Livestream.

- The Trade Fair
- The renowed Ragnar


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A Trade Fair and a social event. You are welcome to Roleplay
When: Sunday 27th of november starting at 2pm CDT - 9pm CEST
Where: In the crafting area of Newhaven

We do it again! Join Newhaven this Sunday to share your goods, sell your services, exchanges items and more! The event will last 1 hour!