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[Community Event] Mandrakes attack! Sunday 11th december 2022


Stormhaven Studios

“There are too many” sighed the young girl aiming her bow to yet another mandrake running towards the farm. “How did they grow so numerous in just the past few days?”
A violent sound of wood cracking behind her alerted her, making her miss her aim. Three mandrakes had managed to climb up to the roof of her home.
“But what do they want?” thought Ygrit grabbing another arrow from the line she had planted in the ground in front of her to finish the monster rushing to her. “HELP” she yelled with all her might.

Ferric Faslock, who was fighting a mandrake causing havoc among the merchants stalls, heard her call. The moment he turned his head towards the farms, the vile creature took a chance to bounce away from his range.

“You, drifter!” did he yell towards an adventurer running past him on the road “ I need your help!”

There is rumors of a rise in the population of Mandrake in Newhaven Valley. Whilst their origin is still a mystery, it is clear that they are a nuisance and a danger for the farms and their inhabitants.
Call to all able Drifters to destroy the creatures on sight.

This sunday 11th of december, there may be some invasion of mandrakes happening randomly through Newhaven Valley. The event starts at 7am CDT (2pm CET) and end at 5pm CDT (midnight CET)
Hope to see a lot of you to answer the call!
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@Elloa I think you have the times wrong on this, 7pm CST/CDT is 2am CET. I think you mean 7am CST/CDT which would be 2pm CET.

For me (GMT) on Discord it shows as starting at 13:00 which would be 7am CST/CDT