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[Community Event] Community Screenshots - Sunday 11th at 2pm CT


Stormhaven Studios
WORLD BREA (1).png

  • When: Sunday at 9pm CEST / 2pm CT
  • Where: Gathering on Discord voicechat
  • Where: In game: Newhaven Valley lake
  • What: Group screenshots and video footage for social media & memory
  • Note: I am not streaming this event. If YOU stream, keep Discord muted to preserve privacy. Thanks.

Dear Alpha testers and Beta testers! Dear community!

I want to celebrate the last weekend before the OPEN BETA weekend starts. Even though it’s not the release of the game yet it’s dangerously approaching! You guys have been testing our game for so long! Some of you have been present with us since the earliest days, and together we have been through so much changes, so much bugs hunted, so much evolution!
So this deserves to be remembered and immortalized in some way for future generations of Embers Adrift players!


Therefore, I invite you ALL (and I hope a massive number of you will join for this event!) to take some group screenshots in different beautiful location of Embers Adrift.

  • Around the lake in NewhavenValley
  • In front of the wall in Northreach
  • In front of Ravenrock in Northreach
  • On the hills in Meadowlands
  • By the lake in Meadowlands
  • In front of the Castle in Dryfoot
  • On the shore in Redshore Forest

We will start with the 3 easy locations to ensure a maximum of participation

I will be taking:
  • Group screenshots
  • Video footage (with no sounds, you are allowed to say silly things on Discord)

We will also gather on Discord for a friendly chat. I will not be streaming, to preserve the privacy of the moment. (If you want to stream this event, I will ask you to ensure Discord is muted on your stream)

Once the event is over, you may resume your activities! Hurrah! BUT I may follow some of your groups to capture footage and/or screenshots. I may even ask you to pose for some specific things I may want to illustrate videos and social media.

I hope to see a lot of you joining this event, even and especially if you have not been testing/playing for a while! We want you to be immortalized with the rest us if you have been part of Embers Adrift testing at any moment!

See you all this SUNDAY (or before)

- Elloa