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Brainstorming ideas - TRADE SYSTEM


Stormhaven Studios

Dear Community,

With the APRIL PATCH 2024, we introduced our MAIL system. You can now send mail to your friends, including attachment and cash on delivery, which should ease trading between players.
This is our first step to a possible TRADE SYSTEM, such as auction house / job board / bazaar / consignment shop / etc

This is the perfect time for you to advocate for your favorite TRADE SYSTEM or any system you would find fitting best Embers Adrift, knowing the game style, the purpose of the game, and the existing community.
Please, share your ideas below as clearly as possible.

This is a Brainstorming Thread, I request that everyone respect everyone else's ideas, express themselves with kindness and open mindedness,

This is amazing! Whatever is decided I support. I am sure it will involve payment for item and item is mailed like all auction houses.

Will it only be gear?
Can resources be put there?
Will some of the current soulbound quest items maintain that soulbound (I hope so)

Not really part of this thread and maybe I should make a new post after this is settled.

In Lineage 2 my crafter toon could make a shop of the things she made, players brought the mats and clicked my recipe and I made the item for them even AFK, I used to leave her in town over night to help players make gear or mats for gear etc. I know maybe this will be too taxing on the servers possibly? But I can dream can't I?
The traditional Auction House seems to work best so I would go with you can list items for a fee and they will stay on the market for a set amount of time. Of course, the Consortium would be a part of this. The items should be searchable or at least sortable by level and rarity as well as type. I probably would not go with COD types of purchase since people could then lock up items in their mail systems until they decided to pay or the seller canceled the purchase.

Perhaps limit the items that could be listed at one time by a seller so that the market is not inundated with junk. An example might be Trial accounts can only buy from the marketplace. Players who have purchased the game but not subbed can sell up to 20 different items. Subbed players can list up to 50 different items at a time. If you would like to show your thanks to those players who have dedicated a considerable amount of time to playing the game, then maybe add plus 10 items for every 10 levels gained. Thus, someone who is level 50 and is subbed would be able to sell up to 100 different items at a time on the market. This is an additional perk to subscribe to the game!

If I think of anything else I will edit and add.
4 possible solutions in my opinion

1 - do nothing - mail system only
2 - WoW style auction house
3 - Lineage 2 style plaza area where you can park your butt and set up a temporary shop/stall, would love to see this done during a trade fair!
4 - UO style where there are shopping plazas anywhere you want them, preferably in front of your house plot, but until that happens, anywhere.

I'd like to see Option 3 for this game in the medium term, and have that transition to option 4 in the long term


Lineage 2:

Ultima Online
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I like New World's Trading Post quite a bit. You can do buy orders and sell orders for 1, 3, 7, 14 days. There are fees and taxes. Orders can be cancelled at any time. There is a limit to the number of orders you can have pending at once. You can reduce the amount you pay in taxes by increasing your standing level in the territory where you're doing business.

I love buy orders. I would frequently check current buy orders to give me ideas on things to farm to make money. It's also great because sometimes you want something that's not currently listed for sale. So you can just throw up a buy order and hope it gets filled without having to constantly check the auction house.

In the end, any trading system would be great. I just hope the fees and taxes are fair and don't discourage players from trading. I understand you're looking for ways to add gold sinks. It only makes sense that there will be fees and taxes. Please keep them fair especially for new and lower-level players who don't have a ton gold and are still trying to buy inventory space upgrades.
I like a traditional style auction house as described by Mynno. Other game auction house methods would not be familiar to anyone who has not played such games. Buy orders mentioned by Crank sounds nice, too. What is the primary intent? Is it to bring people together or just make buying and selling more convenient? Possibly both?
Thank to everyone who are participating to this conversation so far!
I like New World's trading post too. I also like the idea that free players can buy but not sell or post buy orders, non subs have a (very) limited sell/buy number and subscribers can sell/buy more. An interesting gold sink would be to increase the fee for not only the time posted, but also the number of items posted and cost of the item.

Something that would be very important is a well thought out (and hopefully intuitive) search function. Both for sales and buy orders.
I won't lie I LOVE the L2 system, but Embers utilizes the crafting station to do things instead of the character themselves, so... crafting won't happen, tho I do love the ability to setup a Buy or Sell shop, but lorewise will lock the consortium out of the loop as they won't get their cut of the AH selling.