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BETA, closing event


Stormhaven Studios
Heya everyone!

This Sunday 9th of october 2022, we ended the BETA, and many years of testing, with a special event in game! Thanks to everyone who joined our FINAL evening before launch.

But first, I would like to address a little word of thanks to our alpha and beta testers. Your presence and dedication over the years truly has been amazing! Your contribution to this game is probably more important than you can ever realize! The simple fact that you invested your trust in us, enabled us to work tirelessly to make this game a reality. Without your support, we would not have been able to do this. We would not have found the strength and the motivation to go through all the challenges and hardships that such a project entails. But you did believe in us. You did believe in the game. You offered your support, your feedback, your ideas. And sometimes you brought us some well needed reality-check.
Tomorrow, Friday and then Saturday, the game will be released for the world to enjoy. This in itself is not short of a miracle! Thank you for allowing us to bring this game to you!


The horns of Ravenrock sound loudly, echoing off the Old Wall. Ravenrock is under attack by the Exile forces

Every Drifters available gathered at the gate of the City, ready to defend Ravenrock.

The parties were set up in haste, and everyone rushed to the camp atop the hills.

Indeed, the guards of Ravenrock were unable to face the threat alone. A large group of Exiles had assaulted the camp, and everyone fought to the best of their abilities. Under the large number of Drifters, the Exiles were soon forced to retreat.
Or so we thought…

The horns of the Old Wall sound from the heights. The attack at Ravenrock was a diversion. To the Gates of Newhaven! Defend the gates!

The parties rushed back to the Old Wall to find themselves facing something they had never seen. Some of the Exiles were twice the size of the tallest warrior! They had arms as large as a trunk and a disfigured face with cruel eyes. What a sight! And what fierce and dangerous adversaries! The drifters had to assault the creatures with a full party to be able to vanquish them. And while they were occupied battling with the giants, new waves of Exiles managed to rush past them through the gates.

The gates have been breached! defend the city! Defend Newhaven! To the city!

We could not allow Newhaven to fall into the hands of the Exiles. We had to defend it with all our might! The Drifters rushed through the gates to intercept the Exiles that had started to saccage the city. They had sent their best fighters to ensure their victory. But the people of Newhaven is tougher than it let seen and the Drifters were eager to defend the civilians to the best of their capabilities. The battle growled within the walls of Newhaven. Soon enough, the Exiles suffered heavy losses and were unable to maintain their position. They had to retreat, and flee back to the woods of Northreach.
Victory for Newhavem! Victory for the Drifters!

But… was it all?

Thank you everyone for joining this event. It was really fun to run around and see everyone fighting together!

- Elloa
Sorry I missed you guys! Work really can suck the life out of you sometimes as I'm sure the team is well aware of haha!!! See you guys in game!!!