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Hot Fix August 1st


Stormhaven Studios
  • Fixed stuck spots in Newhaven City, Redshore, Redshore Ridge, and Highland Hills.
  • Fixed nav mesh issues in Highland hills causing NPCs and resources to spawn out of bounds.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some players from claiming their reward for the Koldire Legacy quest. It should now be available for selection.
  • Fixed visual issues with the Molebear shoulders item for female characters.
  • Removed a number of non-interactable ladders throughout the game.
  • Widened well travelled roads in Dryfoot & Highland Hills.
  • Experience Adjustments:
    • Increased single chevron experience gain by 20%. (two and three chevron mobs still yield better experience gain when compared to single chevrons)
    • Increased double chevron experience gain by 10% (three chevron mobs still yield better experience gain when compared with double chevrons)
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