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Alpha News - october 2021


Stormhaven Studios
Hey everyone,

We opened the servers last weekend to celebrate the opening of our preorder store. We were very happy to welcome new players as well as old backers that returned after a while. We were very excited to show our progress, play alongside our community, and gather their impressions.

We had two zones to show our players: South Newhaven and North Newhaven, which are mountainous and forestry landscapes. Some players were discovering the game by themselves, and some were guided by one of our regular testers, showing them the ropes of the game, and sharing little tips to get them started (I'm so proud of you guys! I've seen your kindness in action! Thank you!). Some other players were setting up groups, inviting newcomers to discover the joy of teamwork and banter in between pulls of mobs.

My experience during this weekend was very pleasant. I spent some very relaxing time, leveling up my archer while chilling and chatting with my group. I realised that even in the very basic state that our game is at the moment, we’ve managed to create the experience we were hoping for. A feel of adventure. The desire to team up with others for ease and company, and a slow pace, so everyone has time to enjoy the moment.


Here a quote from one of our alpha testers

The game feels very reminiscent of my first days in EverQuest.


Thanks to everyone who joined the test this weekend. Thank you for your valuable feedback and your discussions.

We will do more weekend tests in the future to accommodate all timezones and all schedules. We hope to see many of you next time!

Elloa | Community Manager

Stormhaven Studios