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Alpha News - November 2021


Stormhaven Studios

Heya friends!

Here is some development news for all of you who are following our progress from afar so you can join us in our enthusiasm.

The Embers Adrift servers were open for our alpha testers to enjoy during the Thanksgiving holiday; we ran the test until Sunday night.

The feedback of our players has been invaluable in refining the player roles and the progression of the first two zones. We revamped the beginner experience to be more engaging and more balanced, we introduced the first iteration of crafting, and our first non-instanced dungeon was open for exploration. We saw many groups delving deep underground into the bowels of the Central Veins and it’s old mysterious ruins.

While there is still a lot of work to be done, we saw that our group dynamics are working very well. And with the great feedback we received, we believe that we are hitting something very special with the experience we want to offer our players.


Some screenshots captured by our community members.

@Rev starting his new character and leveling in South Newhaven

@Alice_Bluu hunting bears with her group near Bear Cave, in South Newhaven. Or... maybe the bears are hunting them. I don't know

When the boss is a Rabbit

@Ravenwolf Silvermoon leading a group through Central Veins. A pause around the embering is needed to restore wounds and stamina.

Elloa | Community Manager

Stormhaven Studios
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