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Alchemy - The Great Art


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Looking forward to Alchemy.

Interesting topic, back on earth Alchemy became a big thing in the 1600s, a roller coaster time of powerful bankers and warring Kings and secret societys like the Rosicrucians.

In the 1400s the Hermetic documents escaping from fallen Roman Byzantium have inspired magical thinkers in Europe. Modern summary -

By the 1500s bankers like the Fuggers are funding King's wars, but the Kings keep borrowing till they go broke and so bankrupt the bankers (so now they take it from our taxes.)

By the 1600s Kings (&Queens) are funding alchemists like John Dee, presumably to actually make gold out of lead and free themselves from the banker's clutches.

Famous hard scientist Sir Isaac Newton became official Master of the Mint. He secretly amassed the best Alchemical library in Europe (but sadly seems to have failed in making gold from base metal). When he died this library was such an embarrassment that it was hidden away for centuries, only to finally be revealed in 1936 by famous economist John Meynard Keynes ("the gold standard is a barbarous relic".) Now online -

Now some say Alchemy is really allegorical - it's about turning the base human into the enlightened human - true Initiation into the Mysteries ("I saw the Sun shining at midnight, and I worshipped the Gods Above and the Gods Below.")

A curious book supposedly revealing this secret of Alchemy was published in 1850, then suddenly removed from sale with every copy destroyed. Except one survived -

Even today there are those who claim there is real Alchemy in nature :

Well, I was bored, and I'm a freak...
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Arguably the best Dire Straits album.


It's hard to listen to Romeo and Juliet or Telegraph Road without transforming back into the 80's, back when music was more than some overpaid diva crooning to tinned elevator music.
Long live the electric guitar and keyboard.

but then again Alchemy is the art of transforming one thing to be another, and no one has done that better than David Bowie singing Pink Floyd.
Goosebumps every time.

On January 13, 1404, King Henry IV of England signed a law making it a felony to create gold and silver out of thin air. The Act Against Multiplication, as it was formally titled, outlawed something called “multiplication,” which in alchemy meant taking some of a material, like gold, and somehow creating more of it.
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