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Feedback About character slots...

is this feedback?
How to quantify fun? Objectively you cannot as it is subjective.

Some players like 1 character, others want to have more than 1. How many? Subjective (from 1 character, 1 of each class, 1 of each spec to all of them .. it depends).

While I appreciate the game not wanting to introduce a cash shop for cosmetics and equipment ("pay for convenience" or "pay to win"), where is the harm in a shop for account upgrades (ie character slots)?

This does not impact other players at all and allows me to give the devs money (Not invested into purchasing a 2nd account though, I might be alt crazy but I am not THAT invested).
FYI. You get additional slots when you sub (so they already kind of support the idea). I believe it's 4 additional.
We are not going in the microtransaction route.
However it is possible that we may add one day more character slots for some special occasion. :)