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Feedback Ability Books Should Be NoTrade

is this feedback?


Hey all, just some feedback on Ability books being soulbound. They really should be NoTrade - here's an example of why. We found this one while adventuring, completely by chance. Weren't farming for it, and we didn't have a Supporter in the group. Now I've picked it up on my tank, and I can't sell it to a vendor, give it to a friend, or even give it to a Supporter alt. It's completely and utterly worthless, yet it's something you'd grind for if it were applicable to your class. I understand not wanting to make it tradable - but soulbound? That means it's 100% worthless if I find it by chance.1704135803012.png
Seconded. With soulbound drops, we can be awarded loot that can only be destroyed.

Now that a "not tradeable" option exists, can the soulbound property be replaced with it?