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Abilities for Harvesting

Ravenwolf Silvermoon

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Hello. Was wondering if adding abilities to crafting (harvesting in this case) as you increase in crafting levels (harvesting, prospector, hunting, forestry). Like adventuring levels, you obtain new abilities when you reach said levels. How about having something like that for Crafting Harvest. Example, at level 6 you can choose to specialize in Forestry instead of choosing another crafting skill. Advantage could be, increased yield rate at said level, or increase execution, or don't get interrupted by mobs for the first second or last second.

These are just examples.
Or you dont have to choose to specialize, just continue with the two crafting harvesting skills. and at higher, later levels (like in adventuring abilities, as you gain levels, they open up).
Increase yield, cooldown time. increase execution rate, cooldown time, etc etc. Just a thought. Basically something similar to adventuring abilities, but for crafting (harvesting in this case, not sure on crafting, making items. Just throwing this out there, its been over 28 hours awake so not really sure what I am trying to convey. Thought just came to while reading Discord.
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Hello. Have an example of what I was trying to say the other day/night. Its just an example using the Striker/Warden template chart.
A rough sketch idea of the Crafting Harvesting Abilities. Replace, insert, inject, etc., have something maybe similar to the adventuring ability chart.
And without having a major impact or unbalancing effect on the game. Like a quality of life, in this case, quality of harvesting.

As for Crafting Profession/skills, am not going to touch that, since everything I posted in the past, is basically obsolete. Maybe one day, till then I need to get use to the new crafting system. For now sticking to crafting harvesting (gathering). Work in progress for this, when I get to it. Trying out the crafting system this weekend or some of it.
Harvesting Abilities 02.jpg
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