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A conversation on Juggernauts


I got really bothered by a comment I received from someone I was grouped with, and I wanted to discuss it if anyone cares to.

He said, "Juggernauts are the 3rd best tank".

Is this what people think or just this guy? What is the general thoughts out there on Jugg's? Is there hate for Jugg's or is my perception on the matter just wrong?

Personally, I think all tanks are viable and can thrive, but I think the Jugg are easily the most stable tank and their damage is just wonderful. One thing I've noticed with them that the Marshal and Knight just can not do is naturally keep aggro. Yes, a knight has their special taunts, which last a few seconds, but once those run out I have found a lot of aggro leaving them and sometimes getting picked up by a hard-hitting DPS. Marshals are great for CC (halt is nice), but I have never seen a Marshal hold aggro well at all outside of pee-throwing. I recently grouped with my Jugg and a Marshal and I had 95%+ of the aggro and that's with me never taunting once, and I don't think I've ever seen a Knight keep aggro from my Jugg ever over time.

That's not to say I don't love the other tanks, I do. As I said, I think halt is an awesome A+ skill, and Knights take damage like no one's business, which is also the Jugg's main problem as they have the least armour of the three and tend to be something of a damage sponge especially on long fights. I think Jugg's might need a certain mindset to play, but once you get used to them they're really fun and neat.

Just my thoughts.
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Everything is situational, dont get caught up in "best class" or "best in slot".. it all depends on what youre doing and all the factors involved. Sounds like whoever made that comment to you was trolling.. don't feed em!