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This weekend will be my last for a few weeks. Go in on Wednesday to have my son! Enjoy the tests and hope to get some fun groups!
ALright, Launcher Works Great. Excited for the Weekend to Test the Game. Cheers
im thinking.... im thinking... For EU, its 60 Bucks :/, but love these kind of Harder/Complex mmorpgs..
Hey guys, I’m new here. Quick question, if I buy the $50 pre-order, will it give me access to current test phases?
Lavon is right, but in case you needed an official answer: yes. If you pre-order that give you access to all test, and the alpha/beta rewards depending when you preorder (Now you can still have the alpha rewards)
I am so happy to have found out about this game today. Can’t wait to get testing. I’ve spent hours reading up and watching all I can find. Looks awesome and I haven’t even gotten to get on yet.
No instructions, no mini maps, no guides. Sounds like FFXI in a way. Cannot wait to try it out.