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You should lower your pricetag


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In my country you have to pay 65,-- Euros to buy your game. Most AAA titles on pc are just 50,-- Euros.

I hope you fix that for release because that will get people to not buy in.
Thank you for your feedback
(sorry it tke so long to answer, wanted to let you know we have notice your thread)
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... i don't know to come down on the price tag would mean to have a subscription model or something which just isn't viable atm...
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The game will have a subscription at launch.
Which is both good and bad.

Good - because sub-based usually means "not pay-to-win" and "not riddled with microtransactions".
Bad - because the game needs to be *very* polished AND needs to heavily invest in advertising to attract a paying player population big enough to sustain the devs. Which, in turn, takes a big dev team, plus someone in the marketing department, plus... A bunch of other people - which needs a lot of money to keep em all paid. I learned that Embers Adrift exists by pure chance, there's next to no information about it, and that does not bode well given how dependent MMOs are on popularity.
Games without a hefty price and sub have to make money other ways that I feel are much worse for the games and my wallet. A $50 game with a $15-20 a month sub gives the developer money to run the game and pay its employee's . I mean in all honesty that amount is kept much lower than it probably should be. 20 years ago the cost was about the same for a mmorpg and sub fee. So now 20 years later when EVERYTHING has doubled in price (at least here in the USA) the games are still the same? I am not wanting to pay more at all. I love the amount of play I get from such low amount of money, it's very nice but I can't really help but thinking they should probably charge more lol. But please don't lol.

Also I just added up what my wife spent playng a free to play mmorpg that makes money buying "optional" stuff with real money in the inn game store and I would have saved so much money had that game just had a hefty initial price and a sub. The funny thing is all the stuff she bought and payed for in that game used to come with games and be covered by the cost of the game!
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