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Worldbreaker event beta tester party


Stormhaven Studios
Copy of Copy of World breaker event.png

To all Alpha and Beta testers,

I invite you arround Newhaven Lake, for a special "cool kid party" during our WORLDBREAKER EVENT
In this way, we will leave most of the zone free for the new players that are joining for the first time, while still participating in breaking the servers.
It is also a perfect location to take beautiful screenshots, dance and cheer, share drinks and meals and do a Torch Parade arround the lake at night!

  • The event starts at 10am CDT (5pm CEST)
  • I will be streaming it on my channel
  • If you are a streamer streaming the event, remember to promote it on DISCORD (community-content) or to tag me (@elloawendy or @embersadrift) on Twitter.
  • Drinks and food to be shared

Let's have fun all together!
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