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Stormhaven Studios
Below you will find a "comprehensive" list of things in active development. This serves as a rough roadmap for what we are working on, or what we will be working on in the near future. These items are in various stages including early design, awaiting art passes, awaiting implementation, etc. They are in no particular order and may change between now and completion. We have a lot of things on the back burner so there are likely things not yet included. I will update this list weekly with new items and/or updates as I come across them.

  • Grizzled Peaks (lvl 40-50): Mountainous region with a number of interconnected tunnels. Accessed via Highlands, Redshore, and Gorge. May have a one-way exit to Newhaven North. This is the snow capped mountains you can see from Redshore.
  • Highlands [lvl 30-40]: Hilly region with sparse vegetation and water features. Accessed via Meadowlands.
  • [IN PROGRESS] Grimstone Canyon (lvl 30-40): Large canyon-like area. Accessed via Dryfoot.
  • [DONE] Newhaven City: Initial art pass has been completed for some time. We have been testing a limited area inside the city for a few weeks now. Banks, crafting stations, merchants, etc will be moved into this zone from outside of the doors.
  • [DONE] North Newhaven Dungeon: Initial spawn pass is complete. Working through some design issues with the layout.
  • Dungeons:
    • [DONE] Meadowlands Static #1
    • [DONE] Meadowlands Static #2
    • Meadowlands Static #3
    • Dryfoot Fortress
    • [DONE] Redshore outdoor (Redshore Ridge)
    • [DONE] Redshore outdoor 2 (Exile Freehold)
    • Redshore underground
    • Grizzled region connectors
  • [DONE] We have a solid design for how we are going to implement Ashen creatures. The next steps are creating additional tech to support this design, reorganizing NPC visual prefabs for easier creation/modification, and a lighting/VFX/SFX pass to the visuals.
  • [DONE] The quest system revamp is complete. We are now moving on to implementing content from the writers.
  • Misc. NPC behavior improvements.
  • [DONE] Mob Leashing Updates. As it currently stands every mob has a "soft leash" distance. Outside of this distance if a mob is in the idle or wandering state they will elect to return to their point of origin before resuming their idle/wander. Implementing a "hard leash" or a "reset" state for an NPC is something we are considering, but it has a few extra complications. Some of which are for those who like to kite and issues with different zones/regions having different average leash distances for NPCs. In fact, we already implemented this tech, but it is currently disabled because it causes some funny business in a number of the above described scenarios.
  • New NPCs in the works.
    • [DONE] Giant turtles have an issue with size that requires new tech to resolve. Right now you can only attack his head so in order to attack from behind and be within range you must stand inside of his shell. This new tech would allow you to attack their legs/tail/etc (right now it would just treat the leg as the same thing as the NPC). In other words: this tech would help with distance issues on large creatures.
    • 4x additional NPCs that have yet to be revealed have been added to the project and are awaiting design & spawning.
    • Redmane tech, design and spawning.
    • 2x Unknown humanoids tech, design and spawning.
  • [DONE] Tooltip improvements & fixes (including the odd issue with tooltips not being attached to the mouse near the right side of the screen, and tooltips with extra elements (like the coin) extending below the screen).
  • Dialog UI redesign/improvements.
  • [DONE] Quest journal/log UI
  • [FIXED] We are still looking for a reproduction case where item icons get stuck in the loot box. Any help you can provide here would be great!
  • MapUI needs zoom, pan, resize
  • [DONE] Add a raw component only bag.
  • [DONE] Linking items in chat
  • Social window improvements. This includes online/offline filtering, show levels + roles in guild, etc.
  • Recipe window improvements (sorting, etc)
  • Merchant window improvements (sorting, etc)
Art / Environment
  • [DONE] Scale armor visuals are going through the texturing skinning phase.
  • [DONE] Croc armor visuals are going through the skinning phase.
  • NPC sound effects needs another pass to normalize volume levels.
  • Additional NPC audio events (aggro/investigate/idle/etc)
  • [DONE] NPC navigation improvements to cliff-like areas
  • [DONE] A load of new weapon visuals/types are in the queue to be configured and implemented.
Tech / Design
  • Weather system is in the initial design phase. This requires some shader fixes from Unity before we can roll out rain/snow - both of which will take a decent amount of work to properly mask the environment and props.
  • [DONE] We currently plan on revisiting the discoveries for ALL zones. This includes separating out area discoveries from POI discoveries, adding more POI discovery icons to your map, and generally cleaning things up from both the art and tech side.
  • [DONE] Spawn controller improvements: allow spawn controllers to use a new type of selection mechanism we will call "bag draw". This type of spawn controller will spin up X number of potential spawns and work its way through them rather than randomly selecting one every time based on fixed probabilities. This tech will likely be extended as an option to loot tables as well.
  • [DONE] One way dungeon exit points that are only usable out of combat. These would be ropes/ladders/busted ember drifts/etc. The purpose of these is to allow you to exit the dungeon at specific points and may or may not coincide with an ember ring.
  • [DONE] Allow for sending item links via chat.
  • We are looking into improving how repair costs are calculated to mitigate repair costs at higher levels. Still some work left to do but just wanted you to know we are working on it!
  • Crafting updates:
    • [DONE] quality determines the final durability
    • more organized recipe merchants
    • harvesting specializations. These will likely yield larger gathers and/or refines for specific materials.
    • [DONE] Crafting profession revamp: the current 3 professions will be split into 6 professions with a bit more narrowed focus
    • [DONE] gathering tool visuals while gathering
    • profession specific crafting stations
  • [IN PROGRESS] Ember essence system: this will allow you to collect ember essence whose value is capped to encourage spending and prevent hoarding.
    • allow for reagent upgrades. this includes updated reagent power, and additional tacked on abilities with additional VFX.
    • [DONE] ember monolith teleportation will cost ember essence
    • (still in discussions, may or may not happen) hearthstone ability that will likely take you back to the zone's "default" spawn point at the cost of ember essence This has mostly been replaced with Egress points in the dungeon.
    • (still in discussions, may or may not happen) inter-zone group summon ability that will cost ember essence
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