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Why is this game fun?


New Member
This is the key question I ask myself in any MMO. Well for 1 it's in beta and for the past month I have played I have seen how the devs respond and physically react to almost every players feedback and concern. I didn't think that was so huge until I started interacting with you guys and it is by far a very big deal. The devs here at Embers Adrift have made the players feel like they are creating something alongside them. A joint effort. But that isn't all of it. I for one did not expect to make many friends as quickly as I did...you know who you are. Pakkthethird, Dago, Elloah, Alyce, Xavure, Arysn, Berry, Merv, Rando, Cerra (And husband his name escapes me and I feel ashamed), Faith, Feldon and our father...the unshaven one... Drindin. I have already played countless hours with you guys and its been quite the adventure..one I hope continues. I just want to write my thanks to you guys for reviving my hope that a community based game can thrive. The devs here at Embers have re-ignited the lost sense of community that MMO's currently lack today. I'm not talking about the PUG group stuff or "I'm just in the guild to raid" kind of thing. There's something about it that makes you wanna log back in to play with those people who helped you out on some difficult mob for some piece of loot. It is a simple mechanic, but can also be complicated. Reminds me alot of EQ and early WoW in that aspect. Maybe its the no instancing thing or immediate gratification rule that is put into current MMO's. All I gotta say is Soloing sucks, having a friend is better and you guys are nailing it. Big love, keep it up, keep giving us more puzzles to solve ;)

The Legend,


Stormhaven Studios
Thank you so much for writting this!! Because what you describe is exactly what we are trying to build here at Embers Adrift