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Stormhaven Studios
That's a good inspiration. Just hope we can craft the best items yourself. Even if takes longer time. Swg hade amazing craftig
Ooh yes, absolutely. Crafting will offer you the best items/consumables with few exceptions being dropped on named bosses.


New Member
Ooh yes, absolutely. Crafting will offer you the best items/consumables with few exceptions being dropped on named bosses.
Sounds good. Hope if someone wants you have the chance to be a famous weapon smiths on the server.

Padre Adamo

I honestly am not a fan of crafting... but I am fan of tinkering ala Asheron's Call where you improve the loot you find with various additives and imbues. However, if I had to choose a CRAFTING system I enjoyed Warhammer Online's crafting. It was different but an interesting approach.


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I don't tend to get into tradeskilling a lot in games, but the two games that really stand out in my mind are Everquest 2 and Vanguard Saga of Heroes. Those two games were really able to keep me engaged in the experience and make it more than an afterthought. I could spend full days just working on my tradeskilling and feel completely accomplished.


For the resource gathering meta-game, hands down SWG. By the time the servers were taken down my JnF's Tool (A resource tracking/selecting excel form) had over 500 entries to track all my resources.

For crafting intricacy, The Repopulation.
It's a futuristic sandbox that's been in alpha for about a decade. Sadly doesn't seem poised to progress beyond that, and the tester population has dwindled to nothing, though the server is still up. I've never run across anything with a similar level of crafting detail and interconnected "professions". (There are no true combat or crafting professions, everyone can learn everything, but to do so would literally take several years.)
As SUPER simplified examples, to craft a pistol requires about two dozen different raw resources, utilizing half a dozen gathering skills, which are then processed into more than 40 sub-components in multiple stages, utilizing about half a dozen separate skills and more than 20 recipes. Everything is skill+knowledge based. i.e. Your ability to maximize quality while harvesting a particular resource is based on your skill at that type of gathering AND your knowledge of that specific resource. The same goes for crafting skills and recipe knowledge. e.g The Chemistry skill has 28 recipes, and each must be leveled up separately.

Image: My SWG crafting room.
Crafting Center.jpg