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What class are you going to play?


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Defender class, 90% likely it'll be Marshal spec. I like the jack of all trades nature of the class while still being primarily a tank.


Stormhaven Studios
At the moment I'm really considering Striker- Brigand. I really enjoy the control abilities of the Brigand.
But I've not tried enough the other roles, and certainly not the sub-classes, to make a decision now.
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No summoning in the game. But definitely a semi sneaky dps.
There is no stealth or Stealthy or Assassins or Summoners in the game at all or anything like it.
You can play DPS on any class, strikers base is likely the most suited for it, and then there are 3 subclasses to it. However, all classes have the option to do DPS if you build for it.