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Stormhaven Studios
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Welcome everyone to our bran new forums!
Welcome back to our existent community, that followed us through all those years and continue to believe in our crazy project regardless of the lows and the highs!
Welcome back to our alpha testers, those heroes that helped us to shape the game up to this stage with their precious feedback and their amazing dedication!
And welcome to all new visitors! May you feel at ease over here! Take your time, relax, here we take things slowly. We savour the moment. We enjoy the company!

If you want, we invite you to:

- Get to know the team in this thread. You are allowed to ask questions
- Introduce yourself in this thread and get to know everyone
- What are you playing currently? We are gamers, we love games. We love speaking about other games!
- Share with us your first impressions of Embers Adrift from what you have read or seen
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Allrighty Folks!

Welcome on the forums and welcome in the community.
I'm Elloa, your community manager, at your service *respectful bow*
English is not my first language, so.. Pardon my french... or the other way around!
Et si vous êtes francophone, profitez du fait d'avoir une CM qui parle aussi francais. Si suffisement d'entres vous le réclame, je creerai une section FR. (par contre, ne m'en voulez pas, j'ai la flemme pour les accents, je suis sur un clavier QWERTY)

To ensure everyone will have a pleasant stay in those forums to exchanges ideas, informations and connect with each other, this is the mood we set in:

  • Inclusivity: everyone is welcome and wanted
  • Authenticity: everyone is encouraged to explore and express who they are
  • Kindness: we offer each others kindness, understanding and compassion
  • Open Mindness: we welcome ideas and perspectives to explore and consider
  • Respect: we express ourselves with the respect we owe each others, remembering that we all have different sensibilities, beliefs and interests.

Your feedback and criticism is welcomed and wished. We want to hear from your honest thoughts, so we can re-think, improve, polish and make this game the most enjoyable possible for our community of players.
Obviously slurs, insults, mockery, personal attacks or overall very aggressive threads and the likes will be deleted. Same things with inappropriate topics. Everyone knows what's inappropriate. I do not need to explain. :D

Let's make those forums a new home welcoming and warm, where we can all gather around the ember ring to share the tales of our adventures.

- Elloa
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