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Weekly Game


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Weekly Game on Discord

This is a new little activity that I am organizing for you guys, hoping that you will find it silly and fun at the same time. Every week, you will have a silly little task to perform, for a chance to be selected and win 1 gold. The task will be level agnostic, so everyone, including new players can participate.

-Each Week during the Community Show the game will be presented
-Players will have 1 task to perform during that week, and post it on Discord with a screenshot as proof in a special channel dedicated to the mini game.
-Each participants will be assigned a number
-Next Community Show I will pick a number randomly. The player associated with it will win 1 gold.

Those mini games, or weekly quests will always be different, a little bit silly and hopefully you will find it fun to engage with them. It is absolutely optional, and the reward is mostly symbolic. The main goal is to have fun together!