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Weekly Community Show - a show for you on Twitch & Youtube


Stormhaven Studios
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Hey guys!

Every Friday, right before the servers open, I’m hosting a show on my personal Twitch channel dedicated to the community. I’ve been experimenting with a few episodes already, and I believe I have a nice concept.

  • 1 hour of discussions: speaking about the last patch notes, latest news, interesting topics of discussions, content creation and Q&A.
  • 1 hour of gameplay: showing off different aspects of gameplay, locations, combat or crafting features to viewers, answering their questions, and directly responding to their interest.

Those episodes are edited and published later on our Youtube channel for you to watch if you missed the Livestream. The 3 first episodes were almost integral and lasted 2 hours. I will experiment with shortening them down to 45/60 min, but if you want to see the whole episode, you will always be able to see the VOD on my Twitch channel saved as highlights.

This series is aimed to serve you and answer your questions. I will interact and discuss with you directly. I’m also promoting fellow content creators covering our game. Therefore YOUR feedback and your desires are important.Tell me what you want to see, suggest some topics of discussion!

See you Friday on TwitchTV! [Twitch Link]


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Stormhaven Studios

UNEDITED, UNCUT version on Twitch: May 6

- Patches Notes. Unity 2021 update
- Equipment
- Darkness
- Worldbreaker event
- Community shoutout