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Various UI Comments


New Member
A few things after playing pretty heavily for a few weeks now:

1. When you first enter the game the default location for the manual loot window (when grouping) is hiding behind the default location of the combat feedback screen (right side, center). It takes a while to figure this out and it disrupts play until you do. Suggest the default location of the Manual Loot window move to right in the middle of the screen so you can't miss it. If you want to move it after that - have at it, but you will now know where it is.
2. For many windows the small x to close it in the upper right is right next to the small lock icon. It's easy to misclick on the wrong thing. Put the lock icon in the other (left) corner of the window box. And make them bigger.
3. Too much information is thrown at you when you first log in. By the time you get to the part describing how enemies con (color and carrot) it's lost on many people. Spread the knowledge training out a bit. After the training dummy exercise, have the NPC tell the new player to go kill some of the deer/rabbits/boars (a great time to hit them with the tab targeting mechanism) and when they do, then hit them with the carrot/color con dialogue.
4. Needs a similar entry dialogue for harvesting. Experience MMO players figure it out. Inexperienced ones don't. Walk people through it step by step - ideally with a separate NPC dedicated to just that purpose. That way the new player can digest that information when they are ready.
5. Why can't you call a boar a boar instead of shoat? Never heard the word before but google tells me it's a young pig. Call things by their easily recognizable names :) Maybe have the one carrot low level ones at the entry zone labelled shoats but c'mon - transition to boar once it's more than one carrot or can beat up a grown up person :)
6. Same comment on the rabbits. Keep the naming simple especially at the start.
7. Crafting is a great thing to do at night. Don't hassle the player that they are using a torch to see and let the crafting station just work please.
8. Never implement a can't do this check without also putting in the dialogue message on what's going wrong. Not all of them are in place (see comment 7). "you can't do this from fighting stance" is another good one.

I'm playing with a rl friends group that has a mix of experience with MMOs - these are some of the things we have run or continue to run into to.

Great game so far btw - we are all pretty well hooked :)