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Feedback Thoughts on beginning tradeskill progression

is this feedback?


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I have no leveled two characters to 7 with different tradeskills. prospector/weaponsmith and hunter/forester. All three of the gathering skills required that I hang back in the starter zone specifically to level them up before heading into the 2nd zone.

This was especially noticeable on the hunter/forester which I leveled my main combat skill almost exclusively on blue and white mobs that could be skinned, in an area that had a ton of plants/wood to be gathered. Ideally I would want to head into the 2nd zone around lvl 6 however I had to spend several hours catching up on these two skills in a zone with almost exclusively green mobs. For example, I am now lvl 7 support off of entirely green mobs and I still do not have hunter/forester to lvl10 to be able to harvest the new materials in the 2nd zone.
**EDIT** I should add that I am one of those OCD people that literally skins/picks everything they see. I can't walk past something that I can harvest and not pick it up.

This may be by design and if so, carry on but it does make for a tedious, unfulfilling experience full of 'busy work' in order to not miss out on the new resources available in the 2nd zone.
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There are still tier1 harvesting nodes in NNH though too. I feel like quite a bit until you get a little deeper before even seeing the lvl 10 nodes?


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Both Meadowlands and North Newhaven contain low level resource for harvest, the resources are not specific to a single zone.


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Progress definitely seems smoother than it was in the previous test session. Now we just need more recipes :)


Ya, this is a game you get to know. Once ya get to know it, things become easier. It's also alot easier with a group. Enjoy the mystery!