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This works best performance and quality


Still using Potato, but most things have increased from last week.


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Still using Potato, but most things have increased from last week.
With a 144hz monitor and V-Sync enabled your computer is attempting to render the game at 144 frames per second. I think your performance would be much better by changing the following settings:
  • frame rate limiter: 30fps
  • grass shadows DISABLED
  • grass distance set to 100%
  • shadow distance set to 100%
With those settings you should have much improved performance with "Balanced".
To compliment what @Undone posted, I believe any shadows you render are usually expensive. One thing I might also suggest is to see what it looks like to lower/disable any other non-critical aspects to get your quality up. I run the following and I feel like it's the right balance of quality and performance (differences in bold):

Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (4K) @ 120Hz (taxing, never shoulda done it, 1080p just isn't an option now)
Anti-Aliasing: SMAA (taxing, but it looks good. FXAA is far too blurry)
Vegetation Density: Low (render fewer objects...and shadows, if it doesn't ruin immersion).

Quality: Balanced
Cloud Quality: Low (...in the grand scheme, I'm hardly looking)
Frame Rate Limiter: V-Sync (capping at 30 is playable, but I'll pay the resource tax and GPU fan speed/sound for the higher FPS)

View Distance: 100%
Shadow Distance: 50%
Grass Distance: 50%

Exposure Adjustment: -0.50
Resolution Scale: 100%

Full Screen: <CHECKED>
Grass Shadows: <UNCHECKED>
Contact Shadows: <UNCHECKED>
Reflections: <UNCHECKED>

Disclaimer: At those settings my RTX3080 (desktop) hovers in the 90% utilization range, but the FPS is in a playable state. I need to poll more statistics around the impact of these setting in locations where they apply to determine the impact on FPS. The settings above are what I found to be "playable", with no hard data to back it up, so take them with a grain of salt.
I've got a 3080TI - This works best for me: FPS 60, 1080P, setting the shadow distance slider to zero, grass shadows to off. This seems to be the sweet spot for me. None of the other settings seem to matter much.
Note: with this being said, I did notice an improvement in FPS with the recent shadow resolution changes and look forward to further optimizations :)
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