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The missing Nods......


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during the last weekend.... MAKE SURE TO READ TO THE END.....

there were about 3 of us prospecting the level 20 to 30 nods. at the beginning they where everywhere and lots of exp to be had for all. as we harvested from, dryfoot, dryfoot strong hold, redshore, and medowlands they slowly stop spawning as quick. I just thought it was that i takes awhile to spawn back in. i was manly hitting up dryfoot strong hold playing Lora croft style as other have put it.

then there was a change to the speed of the human mobs. bad form on who ever did it. but at that same time the nods where not spawning back multiple ore nods just gone. vanished no where to be seen. wheels in my head and conspiracy theory's sprang to life in my mind. already at a slight annoyance. i set out to prospect for other nods in other places.

get out into dryfoot and nods are not there. run around looking for what seamed like hours a few here and none there. with the other 2 in redshore killing and prospecting i decide it just needs time to respawn. so i head out to south haven and start leveling forestry. I had a theory but was not sure. got up to level 10 which seamed to be a fair amount of time leveling. Took a lunch break. get back to gaming and head out to meadowlands figured that i could prospect and do forestry at the same time. mainly focused on forestry.

the next day i headed out early and set my sights on dryfoot stronghold again. i get there and no prospecting nods to be found. i run where it is safe and able to look at the whole map nothing near of far. i came in like a wrecking ball threw the back entrance.... start to leave out the front entrance mind you no one to my knowledge had been in there all night. get down to the gate and all of a sudden i get jump by some ugly mugs i trained to the door the last knight. discourage i sit at the fire waiting to heal the heavy wounds i received. frustrated the conspiracy theory's race threw my mind again.

i set my sights on prospecting in dryfoot again. nothing far and wide whats going on i asked myself. what could be going on here. now the race with my fellow adventures to hit 30 prospecting, they are closing the gap prospecting in redshore. i think to myself we cant have that. i go to redshore the try my luck there. a few spawned in as all 3 of us there working hard the nods start to slow down. i have a theory so i head back to medowlands to get my foresty up to par.. 2 days i finaly get it there.

in that time i had enough with multiple thing going on it has to be the gm. frustrated i take to discord and lash out like baby child. thinking they turned down the nods, or just plain turned them off. and the speed on the npc mobs in dryfoot. just set me off. after awhile i calm down some and get back to forestry at least i can work on that.

nearing the end of leveling to 20 i finally make it. level 20 forestry very nice indeed after many hours of game play i make at least 1 goal. i start thinking about conspiracy number 2. i say to my self over and over again it cant be that. i talk to other and they dont think it is that as well...

well we are here to test the game i tell myself so lets go test this conspiracy...

i head 1 last time to the strong hold. there is a few place that are safe to collect the flax. i still dont see no ore nods disappointed i was. i start collecting flax 1 by 1 doing thing berry does...

whats this it cant be they turned the speed back down on the npc. i start making my way threw as i do collecting flax nodes.

whats that in the distance it cant be... ore there she blows. i get out the trusty pick and go to town. i start heading and collecting more flax and more. it starting to get late and i have to work in the morning i tell myself. so i start to head out and there is more ore nods. what you doing here the gm took you out of here. i say to my self. more and more ore nods are spawing in whats going on i ask myself.

i go and hit those up and take all i can get. then they all disappear again. whats going on. well still have a few min for bed time. i see that there a bunch more flax that spawned in. the wheels in my head start turning this cant be.....

turns out that there is a limit on nods that can be had in an area and they are set to random. so when you gather 1 set of nods relentlessly it will eventually stop spawning in. and be replace by other nods. so make sure to be collecting wisely.

this is something that can be easily fixed im sure of it. worth getting fixed especially if there is going to to be lots of player on..

and in my findings the human npc can be on top of the ore nod you are harvesting and not turn around to stop you tell after you have walked away.

as well if you dont want someone just kiting the mobs off the chest leash a mob to the chest so you have to kill that mob that will be the best way to stop someone for taking it form kiting
I appreciate the perseverance of this. I double checked and the plants and ore are on different spawns for both Dryfoot and Dryfoot Stronghold so that seems quite strange that you only notice ore nodes reappearing after harvesting plants. As for stuff not seeming to respawn I wonder how much of this is nodes spawning in bad locations, or random visuals that are obscured by the vegetation. And after a while all the nodes left are just the ones that are "hidden" making it rather impossible to progress.

I will try rotating nodes so we don't have old nodes stuck in "bad" locations gathering dust.
i have my vegetation turned down so i see most nods. computer runs a little hot so i have to decrease some things in all games. i need to get a better tower for my pc it dont cycle air the way it should. i do appreciate all the hard work and dedication you do for this game.