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Stormhaven Studios Code of Conduct

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Stormhaven Studios
As per our ToS, “Stormhaven Studios may immediately suspend or terminate the availability of some or all of the Services for any reason, in Stormhaven Studios' sole discretion, without advance notice or liability.”

We ask that our players participate in the Embers Adrift community as friendly and supportive of others, be respectful of people at all times, give the benefit of the doubt to each other, and even give second chances to those who may have caused distress. Always try to discuss disputes/misunderstandings/reconciliation via private messages. We will not step in to moderate every disagreement that happens between players. That being said, we are providing this Code of Conduct to help players avoid Stormhaven Studios having to moderate player accounts.

  • Intentionally training another player or group is unacceptable.
  • Stormhaven Studios does not recognize “camps,” only tags. If another group comes to your location, or you arrive somewhere and another group is already there, then you should discuss how to handle the situation and abide by this entire Code of Conduct and our Terms of Service as you play. Either group can simply move on, share the “camp,” or wait.
  • Don’t steal tagged mobs by any means. If someone tags a mob while you are waiting for additional group mates to engage it, that is unfortunate, but they aren’t breaking any rules. If they fail to kill the mob then you’ll have your chance. If you’re forming a group in a public chat channel for a rare mob you run the risk of someone coming and beating you to the punch.
Tip: form these groups in less public ways or don’t mention the specific rare or its location.​

  • Don’t harass people - we understand that disputes will arise from time to time. These disputes should be worked out respectfully in private. Harassment is unacceptable. This includes, but is not limited to, personal attacks, insults, continued unwanted chat messages (on all our platforms), following players around as a means of harassment, training players intentionally, etc.
  • Instances of racism, hateful speech, personal attacks, and other similar language will not be tolerated. Please use “/report [report message including player name and time of infraction]” to notify the studio. Get a screenshot if possible and deliver it to the studio via support@stormhavenstudios.com for verification.

  • If a dev gets involved that is not a good sign. Treat the devs with respect. Elloa is the Community Manager, if she or any other dev asks you to "cool it" then please respectfully take a break from chat for a while.
  • Embers Adrift is about escapism. Friendly banter is encouraged, we understand people will talk about life and current events. However, we did not create the game to be used as a platform for controversial topics or intentional trolling. If you’d like to debate someone on a controversial topic please move these to a private channel like “/tell”, "/group" if all group members agree, or form a private group chat in Discord.
  • Use chat channels for their intended purpose. If players are breaking this rule it’s best to report them or block them and move on. Don’t carry out disputes in public chats.
    • /Trade chat is strictly for the purpose of buying and selling in-game items with in-game currency.
    • /World chat is for discussion of Embers Adrift information, helping each other, and friendly conversation. It provides a way for all players in the game to communicate with each other about the game. Looking for a group is an acceptable topic, disputes with other players is not, move it to /tells.
    • /zone chat is like world chat, except that its topics are related to its specific zone.
    • /yell is for warning other players and asking for help.
    • /say is similar to zone chat, but for communicating in the immediate area.
    • /group is for communication between you and your adventuring party.
    • /tell is for communication about Embers Adrift privately between two players. This is where any disputes should happen. If you want to talk with another player about IRL, a dispute, or controversial topics and they agree, this is an acceptable channel for such discussions.
  • If you have a dispute with a player, take it to /tell immediately, “/World” and/or “/Trade” chats are not for arguing personal disputes.

  • Naming conventions are as follows: typically non-offensive names that don’t egregiously break other players’ immersion in the game are acceptable. We want to avoid names that actively take players' experience outside Embers Adrift while they are playing. Our game is about having a break from the stresses of RL for a while and going on an adventure where RL stuff doesn't have to be on our minds. Characters should be named accordingly.
    • Have a handle you use online that isn’t quite fantasy-esque? Okay.
    • Normal name from IRL, like Bob? Sure.
    • Offensive, controversial, or immature names that have no business in Embers Adrift? You will be asked to rename.
  • Name change requests are processed each patch day. If you are flagged for a rename you will be prompted the next time you log in after a patch. Please comply respectfully, you may not get another chance.

  • We don’t mind boxing except in cases where it prevents others from joining a group. If you are boxing in a group and another player wishes to join please remove one of the boxed characters from the group so that everyone can enjoy the game and its community focused design.

Violations of the above Code of Conduct will be moderated at the discretion of Stormhaven Studios in a manner we deem appropriate. Every time you log into Embers Adrift you are agreeing to this Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct is subject to change at the discretion of Stormhaven Studios at any time.
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