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Stamina Penalty Recovery Time

Ravenwolf Silvermoon

Active Member
Hello. Thought I test out how long it takes to recover from -80% stamina penalty in current test build compared to say few to several/many years ago lol. Took several defeats from Rats and getting burned at the Ember Ring to finally get to -80% stamina penalty.

It takes about 13 mins to 13mins and 10 seconds from -80% to 0 sitting down at an Ember ring. It use to take about 45 mins sitting at a campfire from long time ago, before there were Embers Ring lol. I do not remember how long it took when Ember Adrift started, but it was still longer back then. Now, its fairly faster. Long enough for a shower, make dinner, drive to store/restaurant to pick up food, watch a quick 10 min mini series sitcom or vid, write an essay, take a 10 min nap, stretch out and do a 10 min walk, or quick dip in the pool for a quick 10 min swim, etc., etc., lol.

May or may not test how long it will takes sitting down without an Ember Ring nearby.
May or may not test how long it takes standing up next to an Ember Ring or standing up without an Ember Ring nearby.
Who knows, maybe someone else will have that info lol.