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Skybox testing


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Well not conclusive by any means.

I parked in SNH where I could see the sun/shadows/mountains/planet.
First login: Waited 2 game hours: No apparent movement of the lighting
1 game hour later there was a sudden change to the lighting. The sun rose from 'dawn' to 'mid morning'

Logged out

Logged in and repeated. The skybox was not changing.

CR FS no apparent effect
CR Shadows no apparent effect
CC FS no apparent effect
CC Shadows no apparent effect
FOG no apparent effect
Atmosphere - I clicked this then clicked Sky Compositor as well.

Sometime after, I noticed the lighting change and the timing seemed normal.
So yes maybe Atmosphere + Sky Compositor

Logged out


Logged in and repeated

This time the lighting was correct with normal progression.

We do have a bug with the Light sometimes not changing. @Undone is currently investing it to try to isolate the bug.
It does not happen for everyone, nor all the time, which is very confusing. I've no idea if there is a difference with the PC and the Mac client.
Thank you for your detailed feedback. Hopefully this will bring us one step closer to find out what it is!! :)