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Skybox bugg


Today I got the bugg. It got "stuck" at night. My group partner had daytime and I had night time. I Pressed all the skyboxbuttons under options multiple times and none of them solved the problem. The screenshot with /time is from when I had had night for quite some time and noticed the problem.


**Edit Logged off for two hours and then back on, still got the bugg. Had to relogg once again and I got daytime ! I knew I still had the bugg when I logged on again as I grouped up and he said that he had daytime, I was still stuck at night. Also tried all the buttons once again multiple times but they didn't solve the problem this time either. As said, the relogg the second time did solve the problem. Don't know if this has anything to do with the problem but the second time i closed the launcher of the game and restarted that one too. The first time I logged in the launcher had been running since I played earlier that day.
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