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Similar role classes should synergize with one another - about the tank classes


So what I mean in case you got a Juggernaut, Knight and Marshal all in the same party you can actually synergize them together.

So alone they're still tanks and can become the main tank of the group if there is no tank. But what happens when you have a Juggernaut and Knight in the group? I've been having these ideas before this game of course so I was always thinking what if there was separate roles of tanks that were different from one another? Because tanking is not just doing one thing it's doing multiple things what if each subclass specialized in those different tank attributes and they can synergize with each other as one big tank unit?

Juggernaut (Gladiator): Threat Tank Machine

So I prefer to call the Juggernaut a Gladiator for this to make a little more sense. Gladiators are showman, they're like WWE wrestlers that aggravate their enemies, mock, humiliate their enemies. I thought what if the tank/dps class would be one that can generate the most threat of all the three? And then they have an ability that misdirects and dumps all threat on another tank? I would call this ability "Accusation," because they're shifting all hate and threat to that other tank. So the Gladiator can run around just aggravating and generating tons of threat from his enemies meanwhile delivering a lot of damage. Then when his health gets too low he shifts all blame to another full health tank in his party maybe the Knight or the Marshal. Of course turning your Gladiator into a glass cannon is still a big no-no since he has to still take hits after all and using a shield is still very important to reduce damage incoming.

Knight: The buffer/debuffing Cover Tank

So the Knight could be like the tank that can utilize his ability to sponge off damage to also be applies to other allies. What this means is that I'm thinking he should have a special ability buff called "Cover." What does Cover do? Think of that warrior that would run in put his shield and sword to deflect, parry and block attacks from his allies. He would rush to your side to swipe that incoming sword blow to your face. That's what I think of when I'm thinking of Cover. So the buff would work like this, when Cover is activated all allies near him will gain the same block and parry chances the Knight would have. So this means gearing up that Knight in your guild with lots of block and parry is also increasing YOUR own block and parry because he will come to your side or you can run to his side to receive these benefits of being protected. What does this also mean for other tanks in his party? They can gain the same protection from his block and parry values as well and carry on their duties within the safety of his shield. This would synergize the Knight and the Juggernaut (Gladiator) perfectly well in a party. The Gladiator runs around generating tons of threat with less care for his safety while the Knight fights alongside him swiping sword strikes and blocking incoming projectiles for him just as long as they stick close together which might not be a problem because they would both be in melee range of a mob granted they're not fighting far away from one another on separate mobs. And then the gladiator can dump his threat on the knight if his health gets too low. Oh and the knight could have some buffs and debuffs from being different from other tanks and since support is his secondary role he would make his party become stronger and his enemies weaker.

Marshal: The Herd Controlling Tank

So herding is a very big role that tanks take. To bring enemies around hold them in place so they don't get past the line to the people in the back. The Marshal can take precedence in capturing the enemies and holding them in a specific location and keep them from creeping into the back lines. They can also be in charge of organizing enemy groups so the other tanks and melee dps won't have to run around losing out on damage. The Marshal would have slows and stuns to do this and should specialize in herding mechanics better than the other two tanks. Of course the Marshal is also a stout defender and can generate more threat than other primary classes as always it's just that they have complete control over the battlefield in this regard to tanking. In addition to this they would make the best kite tank as in they can kite and take no damage. I would say they would also have abilities to prevent ranged enemies from being ranged maybe reducing their range with a debuff to force them to melee or something like that pulling even ranged enemies into the crowd.