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Sharp Axe vs Sharp Pickaxe/Sickle/Skinning Knife

Cedrych Skye

Active Member
The Sharp Axe durability is only 400, whereas the other three are all 600.


Also, the crafted Newhaven Copper tools all have 250 durability. Same as the rusty/basic tools. Would it be possible to bump them up a bit in durability to help them stand out a little more from the vendor bought tools?
The tin crafted tools only have 350 durability. The 14% execution modifier is not worth the lower durability imo. I'd rather have the higher durability tools and have to repair less often.

Thanks for pointing this out, tool progression needs a pass and things are changed a bit since tools no longer break. Flux Imbued Tools perhaps? a lot has changed since this had a look!
My suggestions...

Tier 1-10
* Rusty Tools ~ 250
* Newhaven Copper ~ 300 + 10% activation speed
* Imbued Newhaven Copper ~ 400 + 15% activation speed

Tier 10-20
* Basic Tools ~ 450
* Flatlands Tin ~ 500 + 15% activation speed
* Imbued Flatlands Tin ~ 600 + 20% activation speed

Tier 20-30
* Journeymen Tools ~ 650
* Something something ~ 700 + 20% activation speed
* Imbued something something ~ 800 + 25% activation speed

Alternatively, the crafted could be activation speed only and imbued could be an increased chance for non-scrap/non-junk materials or something.
What I'm looking at right now is something like:

Merchant purchased: X durability, 0% activation speed
Regular crafted: X + 50 durabiltiy, 0% activiation speed
Imbued crafted: Variable durability/%speed based on materials used (tested and Newhaven Copper is ~15% and Flatlands Tin is ~20% I think with durability increasing)

Imbued crafting doesn't always meet player expectations but those first few tiers I try to make sure has the expected curve. Like if as you skill up you go from
1-10: 500 durability 15% speed
10-20: 600 durability 20% speed
20-30: 800 durability 10% speed
30-40: 500 durability 40% speed

This is all theoretical, but eventually you get into stuff that may provide choices, especially as 1-10 and 10-20 materials reappear at high levels giving you some choice between more durability or faster execution or a mix of the two.