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Feedback Salve Drop Rates Are Awful

is this feedback?


I'm not fully against having reagents that increase the effectiveness of your abilities, however, some are insanely more rare than others to the point of frustration. Having to go and solo things that are gray to me just so I can get salve to be an effective main healer is insanely problematic. I leveled an alt specifically to catch up on my salve use, and got about 500 crude salve going from levels 1 - 12 solo. I grouped on my main for about 3 hours, and I'm already almost out. I am about level 17, and there has not been one leveling spot that I've been to that drops any salve at all. Ichor is almost harder to come by just because there's not much reason to kill rats (better leveling spots, cant skin them) and emberflies drop so little.
Meanwhile, killing frogs we're basically drowning in urine, and knee high in poison. Doing quillbacks from 13 to 16 dropped so much numbing agent that the Strikers I group with regularly started passing because they had over 600.

Now, I'm not saying this stuff drops too much and needs to be nerfed, but healers shouldn't have to go farm grays solo or roll an alt to get crude salve because the drop rate of makeshift salve on enemies that even have it on their loot table is so insanely low. My alt is 13 now and I've been soloing deer and crocs to get carcasses for about few of hours now. I have 11 Makeshift salve from the deer, and over 250 Weak Liver Oil from the crocs. Granted deer don't really spawn at night, but I go out of my way to hunt them during the day for leaves and salve.

Salve drop-rates need to be increased to include more mob types and have a higher drop chance.


New Member
As a Healer I definitely agree with this! I was playing constantly this week and I hardly got any salve drops!


New Member
I feel like any mob with salve (any reagent really) on its loot table should ALWAYS drop salve (said reagent) just the amount it drops should be rng. Some reagents like healer salve or brigand sleeping dose are just too rare.


New Member
It’s weird to me that these things aren’t craft able in the first place. Orrr is this something coming with alchemy. Would me an interesting idea to work these into crafting somehow.


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My healer is level 14 with 1800 T2 salve and 600 T1 salve. Tinctures are sitting at 800+.
When finding groups takes a long time, I have nothing better to do than to kill deers and bears. Also the drybones scavenger drops around 45-60 salves and pheromones at a time.