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Run Out of Bolts cant use abilities Bug?


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So I ran how of bolts, but couldn't cast my sentinel heal overtime "reinforce". I think other skills unrelated to damage were also disabled. It was giving me an out of ammo message. Which I thought meant tinctures at first, but nope it was because I was out of bolts. I logged in and out, but it didn't fix changing weapons or getting more bolts fixes.

I am not sure why a crossbow bolt would be needed to cast a heal. I am sure its related to actions.
Anyways thought I would report this.
I have the same bug on my Duelist. If I un-equip my bolts I can't use Triage even though I have the reagent on my reagent bar. First Aid is okay. As soon as I re-equiped my bolts I could use the ability again.
Even more nuanced, it's only a problem when I've swapped to my xbow; can cast Triage fine if I'm on my melee weapon.
Was grouping with a warlord they was saying they had same problem with fear. Not sure if this only applies to healer classes or other classes having same issues.
This is an issue with the inheritance structure of some of the abilities. We'll get get these fixed for next week and I'll make some structural changes to prevent future mishaps. Thanks!