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Feedback QoL Improvements & Recommendations

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From Thumbledina to your suggestion box (apologies if these are already on your roadmap):
  1. Change the sound when closing a merchant, it makes players think they sold something. Maybe make a leather pouch fastening sound?
  2. Indicators for usable objects like the Anvil, chest, crafting table, harvestable nodes, etc. Either make the mouse-over highlights active at a longer distance or allow players to use a keyboard shortcut to highlight the ground under non-mob items (white markers, including NPCs).
  3. Under the skills windows, change “Base” to “Level". Congruent terminology is helpful when trying to figure out progression.
  4. Supporter flags are too large, obnoxious, and in-the-way. They block visibility to mobs, the environment, and player's ability to see themselves.
  5. Add the /follow command to the game!
  6. Remove the “writing” sound effect from dialog w/ NPCs. There's no quest journal, no one is writing anything (thanks for fixing the slow dialog).
  7. Bandit respawns in New Haven seem too fast - new players need more time to recover, run, re-asses, etc.
  8. Archers that never stop moving during combat means tanks that never stop moving which means healers who never stop moving. It's an awful and annoying experience.
  9. The time in the game according to /time is 1:23 on May21, 1663 (Spring).
  10. More frequent weapon/armor drops from mobs. Usable drops are too rare.
  11. Remove dropping your bag on death, it’s too tedious and penalizing. Resurrection is the hard part, leaving your bag behind is just a blatant penalty mechanic. Perhaps substitute % XP loss, instead. Cumulative deaths should account for no more than what remains in the current level (cap’d at 1% of current level). Perhaps provide a buff that increases XP gain for 30 minutes or until the XP penalty is negated (whichever comes first). Deaths that would take a player beyond 1% of current level creates a greater debuff that must be negated over a longer period of time at an ember ring.
  12. More treasure chests in dungeons (or difficult locations) would be great!
  13. If an anvil is in the game, it should be usable for repair. It's hard to know which anvils are for decoration and which are for repair!