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Feedback Performance: how are things performing compared to two weeks ago? Especially with shadows.

is this feedback?


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Performance: how are things performing compared to two weeks ago? Especially with shadows.

A not insignificant performance boost for my hardware. Previously I was getting dismal fps with any veg beyond low and anything related to shadows had to be kept off just to keep the frames around 30-ish. Contact shadow doesn't feel like it affects fps much at all, not sure if it did before, but it doesn't now. Grass shadow still lowers my frames, but nowhere close to as bad.

I'll still play with grass shadows off as I don't even really notice the grass shadow as the contact shadow seems to overpower the subtlety of the grass shadow.
I'll also still be playing with veg on low or very low. Veg is by far the biggest frame killer for me.

GTX 1080
8th gen i7
32 gb ddr4
nvme drive

Overall much nicer experience, less eye strain for me... My old man eyes/brain can't take choppy frame rates anymore. And, with being able to turn some settings up I've been able to notice how pretty the game is. High fidelity, no grass shadows, contact shadows enabled, low vegetation. Feels close to 60 fps, there's some dips, but its pretty smooth, very nice.

I look forward to further graphic performance improvements.