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As I had mentioned last week when testing I noticed an issue with Smugglers in the Crystal Veins shooting through the walls. I took a screen shot of the area where the pathing seems to get NPCs and player characters somewhat stuck (or slows you down due to almost like a small invisible wall. Basically you slow down for some reason when going through this bottom opening, and around the corner is the smugglers. So when pulling to this ramp, I think they get slowed down or stuck as well and just start shooting through the wall.



Stormhaven Studios
Hi @Vengeance thanks for the screenshot. However, I really need a debug position (either via the /report command, or typing /debugposition and pasting the result here) or I'm never going to find this particular spot.


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I will get it when we are able to log back in again. It is the ramp that goes down to the central room with the name exiled. Regardless i will try to get the position this weekend.