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Oversized Weapons


Let me start by saying, I like the path you are taking. We need a game that does not hold our hands and give us everything we want free and fast. Thank you for that.
I enjoyed my time this weekend playing. I did notice some bugs here and there but over all I feel you have a good thing going.
There was only a couple things I noticed in my 6 lvls was .....I made a small char build and the great sword was way to big for him. weapons should scale to size of the char. not a big deal but I got that asian game feel when i was wielding a 20' sword you know. Second, The char legs and ankles look weird when walking or running on a hill side. they bend to the slant of the hill. Just need to keep the feet straight and not let them look like stretch armstrong :) .
I will continue to test and play the game, Looking forward to what you are building here.
Or maybe keep all weapons the same size and small characters can't use large weapons, trade off is small characters are more evasive. Seems more fair that way instead of your magically shrinking great sword being the size of my dagger and doing the same damage from a mouse! as cute as they are, lol

Careful how much realism you wish for ;)