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Originally posted by Xavure - Adventuring XP rate issue


Stormhaven Studios
ORIGINALLY POSTED BY @Xavure - Original thread has been archived due to disputes, calumny and insults.
As a reminder: share your opinion in a respectful manner. Beliteling, mocking, insulting other players or the devs is not welcome.

My tought process:
Let's start by saying level 1- 20 is in a good spot. I think the issue lies past 20.
I've always knew the XP rate was too hardcore for the average gamer, but I didn't have any number to back it off.
Now that I have gathered some, let me share what is one of the main reason player quit. I think you'll realise that you guys when way overboard on the hardcore side on this one.
Also, "this is the journey that matter" don't work here, because as a gamer and MMO player, we all want to achieve the max level, independently of it, content loop or not.
We don't want a game that only a handful can reach it and it's not EQ days anymore, we have jobs, kids, some real life stuff to attempt to.
Players get discourage when they log for multiple session without even 1 level!

Here's all the maths : (took from the game)
The 1st player that reached 50: /played 53 days = 1272 real time hours = 1.76 months real time playing, all that in 4 months. (hardcore much???)
An average gamer can play between 3-5h/day and it's most of the time not 7 days a week.
Averag Gamer time to max = 1272h / 4h = 318 real life days!! Player attention span is so much lower than that.....I bet you will lose 80-90% of your playerbase, just because of that!

Ok now let's temper those numbers a little, because the game didn't have all the right mobs level to reach 50 in less than that.
Let's say /played 40 days instead, that still means 960h.
960h / 4h = 240 days = around 8 months to max level. (EQ days??....I think not!)

The hardcore player will always say it alright, but most of your playerbase are not hardcore. IMO you cannot define your game rates, with the hardcore players in mind, since it's not a viable solution from a business stand point.
Playing for almost 2 months real time in 4 months is way too hardcore to be honest. Nobody with a real life can do that!!

Now what would be the best target?
In my opinion modern days game are too fast, but i'd like an in between rate:
Modern Days MMO = 1-2 weeks
Embers adrift = 6-8 months
My ideal target rate = 3-4 months would be a good start. (that mean increase by almost 50% the rate past 20)

Let's discuss!


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I agree post 20 would be nice to see a bump in xp. You never want a game to feel like a burden or grind doing same thing over and over. Also give xp for things like area exploration, quest turn ins, maybe crafting or more xp for killing named creatures. Its a fine balance as you dont want to finish a game too early and blow through content. I do fear we lose a lot of players post 25 or 30 as it takes too much committment to lvl. With the addition of the new zones and areas this really helps. As an example I never explored Undercroft until lvl 26, and found it to be a great variety of solo, duo, and group content. I also think some of the drop rates and boss spawn rate are so low it can cause frustration. Just need that balance and to feel more of a reward some time. You dont want everything to be easily gained or you lose a sense of accomplishment.