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Originally posted by Eryola - Duelist Skills and Feedback


Stormhaven Studios
ORIGINALLY POSTED BY @Eryola - Original thread has been archived due to disputes, calumny and insults.
As a reminder: share your opinion in a respectful manner. Beliteling, mocking, insulting other players or the devs is not welcome.

An attack that does extra damage when the mob is low hp. Bonus seems to be quite nice, just checked it on low lvl mobs yet. Seems to be a useful ability. Not really my playstyle, but if you use some offensive focused gear, this actually might be the first skill for the duelist that can noticeably contribute to group damage output. Can't complain about it, even though it's not something I -personally- would have wished for.

Upper Hand:
+5 1h, 2h and ranged damage. Combat Aura. Nice skill, happy to take it. Just one QoL improvement I'd like to see: please, please, please make it stay active even when putting the weapon away/sitting etc. Always having to recast it after medding/looting really will become annoying and it's not a "Lay of the Land" which would give you a HUGE advantage if it stayed always active... having it constantly active won't change any stamina use, damage output or anything else. It just saves a lot of useless clicking.

Attack that leaves a 20sec debuff on the mob that reduces healing by 50, later by 75. Since mobs barely do any healing at all this skill is completely pointless and at 12% at lvl42 will never land on my bar. (Even at 5% it would just be another "standard attack"... the debuff is the problem, the high sta cost is just the cherry on top of it) Complete waste of a skill slot in its current state. This skill would have been a lot better if instead of say minus healing it would remove one buff from the target. Then it would help in a lot more situations and actually be really useful in some cases.

Ongoing stuff that needs to be fixed:
--I just had a very beautiful sunrise in Newhaven Valley... just had this one experience, but the cloud fix seems to be working. No disco flashlights at dawn/dusk this time.
--Do NOT let that 10% Patch healing reduction go live (see my answer to the patch message)... so far balance with patch has been hit-patch-hit-patch-hit-patch with the hp staying about the same (on a +healing focused char!). Reducing this to constantly lose hp -while chain casting- will be a frustrating experience for every duelist out there.
--Since you nerfed the 100% physical resist Screen combination to always take one damage minimum so Screen loses its charges, can you at least add that one minimum damage to mobs that have 100+ phys resist too? My Weak Point as a duelist that is supposed to be the counter for exactly that type of situation (mob with huge phys resist) won't land if the attack does no damage ("Your Weak Point RESISTS BuffedMob for 0." and no debuff happens.) and so that skill is a lot less useful than it is supposed to be.


Stormhaven Studios
Ideas for spells which would all be better than a healing debuff (feel free to grab for other classes too, if you think it fits better into their kit or even for mobs, numbers have to be thought through and adjusted of course):

"Painful Poison" targetable buff, adds: x+1,2 threat for up to 10 hits "Poisons your targets weapon with an extremely painful substance, increasing hatred generated on target."

"Numbing Poison" targetable buff, adds: x-1,2 threat for up to 10 hits "Poisons your targets weapon with a numbing substance, reducing hatred generated on target."

"Memory Loss" attack skill, -0 chemical damage to health, resets aggro table "Injects the opponent with a substance to cause short-term memory loss. Wipes targets hate list. Does not prevent reaggro." (could be nice together with a CC; one person CCs, the other one blurs the mezzed target.)

"Morale Boost" debuff, 40sec or 10 hits, +3d2 mental damage to attacker on hit "Covers your target in a powder that makes every attack it suffers very visible, giving you a morale boost on each attack." (essentially a reverse damage shield that heals for a small amount each time you hit the mob)

"Drowsy" debuff, -20 haste, -20 movement speed, -20 combat movement speed "Injects a sleeping poison into a target, slowing their every move."

"Stinging Pain" debuff, 30 sec, on hit chance: -100 haste and -100 combat movement for 1sec "Inject a poison that causes a shock of pain when struck, interrupting every action for a brief moment"

"Fear of Death" debuff, 1min, on death the mob casts an AoE buff for all surrounding mobs: -10 haste, -10 1h/2h/ranged dmg, -10 combat move for 1min "Having watched the gruesome death of their comrade, all nearby enemies are unable to think and act clearly."

"Heat Weapon" debuff, 2min, on attack -weapondmg x+0,2 chemical dmg to self "Quickly heat up the handle of your opponent's weapon with a chemical, causing burn damage each time they try to attack."

"Deep Cut" debuff "Deep Cut" for 20 sec, creates one stack of "Cut" on the mob each time the mob is attacked, when Deep Cut fades all stacks of Cut are removed, each doing 1d2 damage "A deep wound that tends to rip open at the most inopportune moment."

"Sticky armor" targetable buff, on being hit: -50 haste for 1 sec for attacker "Covers your targets armor in a sticky substance causing enemies striking it to get out of balance for a short moment."

"Cauterize" single target heal, +2d4 +10 chemical dmg to health every 4 seconds for 32 seconds, +20 chemical and +20 ember dmg resist while buff is up (have to carefully balance this one, the numbers are just pulled out of m... isty cave, the idea behind it is a small hot that lasts quite some time and adds some valueable(!) resists to the target while it is up.) "Cauterizes your wounds, healing you and making you less vulnerable to certain types of attack for a short period of time."

"Overexertion" single target buff, GROUP MEMBER ONLY(!), +20 1h/2h/ranged dmg, +20 haste, +20 movement speed, +20 combat movement speed, -level/10 chemical dmg to health every second, long cooldown. "A substance that makes you overexert yourself in every possible way for a short time, with harmful consequences" (has to be group only or it could be used to troll)

"Comatose" single target buff, GROUP MEMBER ONLY(!), +weapon damage + 50 chemical damage to health every 120sec for 120sec "Puts a strong delayed stimulant into the targets bloodstream, awakening them from unconsciousness after 2 minutes." (cast this on one groupmember before the group wipes... mobs will reset, 2min later autorezz and rezz the rest of the group. Has to be group only or you could essentially let ppl die twice if you see them struggle)

"Dash" self buff, +40 to movement speed, 5 second duration (cooldown? shouldn't be up all the time, but would be nice to be used every pull, if self only, I'd prefer to see this not on a duelist) "Makes you dash for a small distance."

"Go for the eyes" debuff 30secs, +weapondmg chemical dmg to health, disables ranged attacks "Throw a burning chemical into the targets eyes, preventing them from seeing far enough to attack from a distance." (Something to stop those annoying archers... please...)

"Stasis" single target buff, GROUP MEMBER ONLY(!), +1d2 +100 chemical dmg to health every second for 5 seconds x+0,1 to threat , 5sec: stun, -100 haste, -100 movement speed, -100 combat movement speed. fast casting, cheap to use "Injects your target with a substance that causes them to lose complete control over their bodies while they rapidly regenerate." (needs to have that threat modifier on the spell itself, not on the target... otherwise that 500 heal will quickly make the caster the next tank and has to be, of course, group only otherwise you could troll really nicely with that)

"Not on my watch" single target buff, 20sec, resilience +100, fades upon successful resilience save and heals for +2d3 +30 chemical dmg to health "Keep part of your attention focused on your target to heal it at the last possible moment." (As much as I'd like to have something like that... this screams Sentinel to me)

And let me finish with this one:
"Prepare for treatment" single target buff, +1d2 chemical dmg to health every 5seconds for 30 seconds, +25 healing received. "Covers your target in a disinfectant that increases the potency of all further healing received." This is exactly the opposite of the healing debuff one, but since players actually do heal a lot, this one would be useful...