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Feedback Opinions after 2nd weekend (Level 20)

is this feedback?


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I wanted to post a few opinions and not do them as different topics.

First I want to start of saying, I love the overall feel of the game with grouping and a lot of the great things I miss in other games, I wouldn't be here posting anything at all if I didn't start with a massive like of what the game is trying to do. So don't feel bad when I say some stuff ;)

The game is just not very fun.
Here are reasons why the game is not fun in my opinion. In no special order.

A) It feels way to slow. Running around the world feels like crawling. I can't group up or trade or anything without running a long time. I feel like its just a disrespect to the players time and it's not fun in anyway.
B) Special skills feel weak. I feel weak as a player playing. You go to kill a small rat, and you barely hurting it. Even at level 20 killing a level 10 you don't feel like you are really strong at all. Can I kill a level 10? Yes of course. Specials just feel weak and nothing special to me. Example, a heal feels impactful currently, but the buff of say stamina regen from a Warlord chat feels weak, or say the debuff of weakening a mob is like they didn't even do anything. Skills should be very impactful and very noticeable. I have a skill called Advantage Strike which is no doubt the best DPS skill a DPS has, however, I can't tell what ADV is really giving me here, its not like D&D that's for sure.
C) Regen times and down time is a chore! This alone pretty much makes me want to quit. I have no way to increase regen because food (the best that can be made) is next to worthless regening 1hp/s while sitting going to 1.20hp/s is not big enough effect. I mean I already have to wait 5s to get out of combat to even see my stamina really come back. It's just not fun. This can be fixed in many ways but currently NO FUN.
D) Grouping still feels meh. I love grouping its one of the best parts of the game but the issues around grouping make it just hard to really do anything as a group. Travel time, classes, regen, pull speed, mob clusters being low, etc etc.
E) Items/Loot wow this is so lack luster. I've got special drops and basic drops and it's really hard to tell if they are really all that different other than a displayed number. I should FEEL when I upgrade an item to a named dropped item. Example. I got "awesome" leggings from CV at level 6. They are 60 AC / 15 weight. Everyone was like OH wow awesome cool etc etc. So happen a named item dropped. (Which I didn't even know because it looks basic as heck and nothing special looking about them, no colors nothing but a name on them in white) I put them on, I couldn't even tell the diff on how I was getting hit. I just put my AC up by 3x I currently had, and I couldn't even tell. I got some rare drop in Wolf's den and upgraded my armor again there, I couldn't tell the difference. I got a rare belt +8 stam, felt the same. I couldn't even tell. It's just very lack luster when you playing for rare epic loots and you get the loot and it feels no different at all.
F) Monsters/NPCs feel meh. Normal NPCs look very basic. Nothing special really about them. Monsters are normal sized feel meh. Having a deer that can kill you at level 15 yet look normal deer at level 1 seems weird to me. Why is it not bigger? or having glowing eyes or something? Oh 3^ pretty much looks the same as a 1^ (some are slightly bigger but they should be BIG!), or they should be glowing or spikey.
G) Effects looks, these are lackluster, they have barely any look to what you doing. I do a special move so I might slowly swing my weapon from left to right instead of my auto attack that pokes it out. It's not cool looking.
H) Fighting monsters, it feels bad for a few reasons. You 1) are very slow to do anything in attacks, 2) you run out of stamina on a monster pretty much every fight and end up waiting for a cool down of your "BEST" special over and over until it's dead, makes it really bad in a group. 3) you are not really that special in a group but for maybe 1 or 2 skills that you rarely use on your bar.
I) Skill limit to 6, this feels like too few, we are already highly highly limited to skill use by our stamina why limit to only 6 skills on a bar? This makes zero sense really.
J) I feel like overall the devs feel like wasting players time on unfun stuff. Why is it so slow to loot a mob? Skin/Collect/Mine items, its already a long time to find the item why take so long doing the action? Putting on your buff 5s cast timer? That feels bad.

Please don't take this as an attack, I like the idea of the game. It's just not fun and I likely will be around for a while to test stuff out but if few things change to make the game fun, I will just quit and I'm not the type of person to quit betas, just FYI.

Now this isn't because the game is hard (its not), it's not because it takes a long time to level as for me that's a major part of the game. I like how long it takes to level ( I really hope it slows down a LOT at higher levels like I'm told it does)
This is about the game being fun while you are playing and not feel like you are wasting my time. The focus of the game should be on what makes the game fun? Running for your body fun? Maybe I don't think so. Sitting down after killing a mob for 1 min+ to get HP back is NOT FUN!
Where are the cool things like mounts and special flaming weapons? I play a lot of D&D and I want some flare in the game. Give us some fun and cool factor.
I agree that running around the world takes too long, or rather that it's not really fun in its current state... it'd be nice if Wardens could buff other players (and that their buff was a bit more impactful), or maybe some kind of sprint that damages your max stamina so you have to rest at an ember ring once you get to where you want to go.

As far as special skills, I think the attacks are too strong (compared to autoattack). Somehow Embers feels like a hotbar game as a striker which is weird. I do agree that other skills seem too weak however, for example brigand's Sharpen Edge is a glaring case of "what does this even do for me". Much like most stats in the game that are on gear the impact is too minor to ever really feel, so I agree there as well.

Downtime does feel like a chore which is weird because the downtime isn't really bad at all... I think the problem for me is how constant it is, you kill a mob and expend X health and Y stamina to do so, so you sit and wait for it to come back, and then do the same thing again... repeat ad nauseam. In groups it is a little more dynamic but not much more. It would be nice if the health/stamina pools were larger so you could handle a bigger fight and then have to suffer more downtime for it. I really dislike how constant mob health pools are and how 2^ and 3^ are like this whole different tier of mob that is for the most part strictly off limits depending on your group makeup.
I agree with most of what MrDTT said. ty for saying what I feel as well.

For me, I didn't quit. I'm taking a break because I've tried to lvl after 15-20 three times, and it's just not fun anymore. To come home after work on wed and spend 1-2 hours to get a group going, its already 11-12. Then waking up early on Sat and Sunday and having nobody to play with sucks too. Especially when soloing 1+ blue, white, and yellow at 10-12'sh only yields 1-2%. Imagine what lvl 20+ will be, there would be no point to even attempt soloing while LFG or getting one together. The only way to enjoy beta is to play casually or semi-casually and lvl up with the population. You can't lvl up beyond the population. You'll just be miserable.

What is hurting this beta is not just what MrDTT said, it's also population.