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Oh look, those players are running to meet me, waving weapons in greeting !


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The bad guys, exiles etc., can look a bit like us.

So at first there's that confusion - like going over to say hello to those adventurers under the tree - aaargh, no ! run !

We soon learn - the NPCs just stand, or sometimes walk - easy to avoid.

But in Dryfoot there's an occasional exile running along a path up north.

Aha, I thought, sneaking along, that player must be heading to that new zone I'm looking for near here, I'll follow him so he can aggro those bad guys for me...
Aargh! wrong again - run away !

That fun risk mistake :)

Thus my suggestion -
How about a few more like that ?
The odd exile running across/along the road, or around the lake, or from tree to tree...
Meanwhile somewhere a party of Exiles gather at a Drifter camp to get experience for the next area to be discovered
Lol sometimes running is the best option. If I am not wearing my glasses I can't tell how many chevrons an NPC has. I can't tell you how many times I attacked something and realized very quickly that it was a mistake because my health bar was going down very quickly due to an extra chevron or two. Still fun though! Whole time thinking hmmmm another bag run coming up.