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Note about subscriptions for Pre-Launch purchasers

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Executive Producer
Stormhaven Studios
For those who purchased before Oct. 15th:

Hello all,

Subscriptions are starting soon and I wanted to explain a little bit about how those work if you purchased before the official launch date (Oct. 15th).

Normally, our payment processor charges for playtime right when you purchase (1 month included in the initial purchase and then a subscription charge coming 1 month later on that same date of purchase from the previous month). Normally that isn't a problem, but for those who purchased before launch we wanted to make sure you got the full month of included play time starting on the 15th which means we couldn't start your sub automatically. If we had, you'd have been charged in Nov. on the same date of your purchase in Oct. which would have meant that you didn't receive all the initial included game time because the game wasn't launched at your time of purchase.

For example:
If your purchase was on Oct. 10th, our payment processor would have considered your included month to be from Oct. 10th - Nov. 10th, but you couldn't log in and play until the 15th of Oct. The subsequent subscription would have been charged on Nov. 10th for Nov. 10th - Dec. 10th. You'd have missed out on 5 days of game time.

Because of the above situation we also couldn't let you activate your sub at launch - if we had, the payment processor would have charged you for the next play period immediately (which was 1 month away) and you'd have been charged on Oct. 15th for the play period of Nov. 15th - Dec. 15th. That would have carried on as long as your sub existed. It didn't make sense to have people paying for game time that was a month ahead.

Therefore, we only allowed players who pre-purchased to initiate their sub within 3 days of the expiration of their included month of play time.

For example:
If you activated your subscription on the 13th of Nov. you were charge immediately for the next gameplay time period of Nov. 15th - Dec. 15th. It will continue as such so that you are charged on Dec. 13th for Dec. 15th - Jan 15th, and so on... Instead of paying 1 month ahead for your next round of game time you are only paying 2 days ahead for the next round of game time.

If you purchased at any time before launch you'll have to activate your subscription manually via your Account page and the date there will reflect the next time you will be charged, not the expiration of your game time. I hope this clears up any confusion about expiration of playtime periods for players who pre-purchased.

Thanks and happy hunting.
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