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Night time differences in enemy sleep schedule


Might be interesting if night time does a couple of things.
1. Certain enemies that aren't nocturnal are sleeping at night
2. Nocturnal enemies are awake
3. Enemies that aren't used to the darkness cannot see you just as you can't see them unless you have a torch or your armor has a light source. Therefore having a glowing armor could be detrimental for being sneaky.

So basically you can sneak into a bandit camp while they sleep and steal or kill them making sure not to let them alert the others. In this case you might be able to accomplish a quest by stealing the item you're supposed to get off them. Or maybe sneak out keys from a sleeping prison guard to free a prisoner. Sleeping deer can be easier to catch as well. So it shouldn't just be friendly NPCs that have a sleep schedule but so does your enemies and you can take advantage of it granted you're quiet enough.
Whether you want to use the darkness for peaceful methods or use it to jump your enemies would be up to you.
Hello. There are some NPC that only spawns at night, Thieves, night smugglers, Emberfly, and some others. And depends what regions you are in too. As for sneaking in to camps now, with the new npc awareness, its harder to do then before (last test build, use to sneak in, raid their chest, and sneak out (sometimes not getting detected, other times they see me lol). Now, its very difficult to sneak into a smugglers camp/encampment area without being noticed. On paper, it sounds good. In game, its scripted/coded in.

So far, no animals are sleeping. Most of the animals have night vision or something, sometimes it seems they can see us from 20-50 meters away (the ones that have aggro on at all times).