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New "active" tester LFG



I'm new to the beta team (just joined after the open weekend) and looking for a guild. Currently, I am a "support target-dummy (aka. Knight lvl.9)." Also, as some adventurers have told me - "Chylok.. keep away from the spiders," what can I say other than they are just drawn to me. ;)

About me personally.. I tend to bring the average guild-age UP. Yes, those good ol' days of the modem dialing up (I mentally see my bank account being drained per minute whenever I hear that these days) and playing DragonRealms have passed me by, however; my journey has been fascinating. I cannot possibly list all of my adventures (my scribe took a nasty fall is some long forgotten jumping puzzle and I haven't seen him since) although I can promise they have been numerous. Ex-military, husband, dad of two monsters that have grayed my hair, grill master, bier drinker and currently living in Germany (I'm from the U.S.). I have an inordinate amount of hours to devote to the guild and the Embers Adrift project.

My motto.. "you can NEVER have enough loot!" To which many of my years old travelling companions have told me "Yes, but do you have the STORAGE SPACE for all the loot?" :eek:
Welcome @Chylok ! Thank you very much for testing our game! Hope you are having fun!

Thanks for having me. I am having a lot of fun and meeting some very nice people in the process.

I must say.. the entire open weekend I was trying everything to "break" the game; however, I and my friends could not find anything significant - even that was only a graphical glitch with dual-wield and bow animation issue. Looking very solid I must say.