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Need More Gibs (insert Duke Nukem quote here) Gibs, Gibs and more Gibs!

Randy Magnum

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A couple weeks ago (I meant to write this earlier heh) I watched a stream on another indie game and I thought they had an interesting idea. This game was going to have an ingame store but they were only going to sell spell effects and animations. The spells utility, dps, etc would remain the same but the visual effects would be different. I thought that was a good way to keep out of pay to win territory and also let people customize their characters.
Now, I am not advocating for an ingame store! I am asking if this kind of customization is possible in this game. If I am a subscriber, could I get a slider in options to control, say, The blood spray from striker Bleeding strike dot. Remember the first Age of Conan mmo, if you crit a killing blow, your opponents head would come off and blood would splatter on your screen? Yeah, that would be like 10 and what we have now would be one, and you could adjust the amount of "spray" or effects shown when an ability is used. I am wondering if altering spell effects is even possible (either just localized or not)?
I really enjoyed that skill when your effects first came out...I thinks its toned down too much for me, its hard to see the effects now.

Edit: What about making crits' effects bigger and more spectacular, so you know you had one and makes you want to get another?
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At some point that might be a fun thing to do but we just don't have the manpower to make it happen right now :(

However, I do feel that crits should certainly feel more impactful. Right now crits play louder hit audio, but the difference is likely negligible.