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Feedback Monolith placement

is this feedback?


After a few weeks of using the monoliths, here's my toughts:

1 - SNH, NNH and Dryfoot are perfectly placed.
2 - Meadowlands is ok, but could be a bit closer to Town.
3 - Reshore, is far from anything and it make the run almost worst than if I was going on foot from another zone. I think near the camp at the eastern entrance or maybe near the beach would be better....but I'm not enterely sure about this zone. Someone might have a better spot for it.


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I believe I recommended Meadows be moved about half way between where it is now and the town. I agree that it is a bit far from most things in the zone.

Randy Magnum

Active Member
I agree, I would like the Meadowlands monolith either more centrally located or closer to town (i had put that in a report a while ago too).