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Meadow Lands Mobs

I mostly group but found myself having to solo to increase hunting and get the second tier of leather in Meadow lands.

After spending many hours in the Meadow Lands I feel that the area circled in red is VERY sparsely populated with mobs.

The level progression from NNH to ML is rather large for players soloing as the zone is really built for groups camping. For example, Bunny Rock, Exile Camps, Wolf Cave, Frog Island, Mistwalkers etc....

Solo players are really not catered for in this zone and if the area in red was populated with more mobs, then they would have a chance of levelling up to be able to go to the next zone. It would be a nice slow progression as it is literally just outside of NNH and if they get overran by mobs they could always train to the zone or find the one wandering guard that appears in that area on the path.

Meadow Lands_LI.jpg
This is largely intentional as to not degrade server performance by having large amounts of free wandering mobs in open spaces. It takes a lot of mob density to make these areas populated to the levels that are needed for viable mob grinding, densities which would detract from other parts of the zone. There's been additional feedback regarding having more pockets of solo content which is more server-performance-friendly which is a more likely outcome to any changes to this.
Solo players are really not catered for in this zone ....
Good. As it should be. (Yes, I know it's hard getting groups right now, especially when the server is closed and you're still logged in and playing pretty much by yourself) But at some point, it should be very apparent that you are supposed to be in a group. Have a sparse selection of solo mobs should suffice.
Solo play is supported, but not the focus of the design. That said I disagree on the Meadowlands, its lack of mob density makes it a fairly safe and you can see dangers coming a long ways off. Sure it lacks in mob density but its chill and relaxing with decently close ember rings and respawn with reasonable night/day solo grinding potential.
@Rev loves exping on the Emberflies there. If Rev is loving the solo exping in a zone, it's probably in a solid spot. That is nighttime though, daytime you're probably trying to be the same as in SNH and NNH and picking off does and bucks.
Just spent all day in that circle yesterday just killing deer. Got two levels and 7 Strider kills for some nice gear just casually soloing throughout the day. Usually went back to town to unload and do stuff around the house during night since I wanted the deer for the reagents and didn't need the flies that take the animals place at night. Could I stand in one spot and just kill stuff? No, but it wasn't that far between mobs and, worst case, I recouped my stamina while going between. Dodging the occasional wolf or boar keeps it interesting.
Oh, just to add. I didn't fight a single yellow. They were lt. blue, white and sometimes green. I could rip through them a lot faster with less downtime than fighting yellows.