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May 6-8 Berserker feedback


Had a blast this weekend grouping with players in the Meadowlands. Made it to level 17 berserker and it is still a blast to play. Without having played the other Striker subclasses I can’t say for sure how they stack up but it certainly feels like I’m a DPS monster. I really like the Assault ability and the option to dump all my stamina to burn down a mob, it’s extremely satisfying!

That said, I can’t stand Follow Through. The cast time length is too long and the duration is way too short, plus I can’t stand that I have to sheath my weapon to cast it AND it can be interrupted. If the benefit was worth all of that hassle it might justify a place on the hot bar, but as it stands it does too little to be really worth it. I get maybe 1 or 2 extra attacks in a fight at best.

Weapon drops were adequate hunting exiles and I was able to replace everything I had left NNH with. I switched from dual wielding to 2-handed sword and I definitely think Assault favors a higher damage, slower weapon since you can spam that attack. I think that maybe the stamina cost for that should be tied to the weapon speed but maybe the intention is for berserkers to use big swords.

Also, why do 2-handed mauls only get an advantage from behind? Shouldn’t they just a flat penetration bonus or something? They are super slow, it seems like they need something to make them worth using IMO. It would be really great to see a knockdown mechanic!

Crafting continues to improve but leather armor is essentially useless at this time which means hunting is largely used for provisioning. I am looking forward to the revamp of armor in general as right now it’s just a matter of min/maxing your AC to weight ratio and there is very little variety.